Infused Transitions

Catapulting You Forward, Catapulting You Home

Service for Advanced Souls

Infused Transitions are for individuals with an advanced understanding of energy work, frequency, vibrations and consciousness. Individuals who are consciously aware of internal and external shifts and who can see the results of their own inner work or other healing work benefit the most from my work. Individuals who have been on their path but feel stuck, need guidance, lack clarity or who feel out of alignment with the path they know they are meant to be on benefit the most from my services. My sessions are not a good fit for individuals who are just started out on their journey and who have not yet done any inner work.

Transforming Your Life with Infused Transitions

Are you carrying around baggage that’s either yours or someone else’s? Most likely you are, and you’re not even aware of it. Beyond the mental, emotional and spiritual baggage from this lifetime lies energetic baggage from many past lifetimes and incarnations as well.

Many people believe that in order to achieve your goals and fully heal yourself, you need to seek treatment or services that will cost you your life savings, and take a long time. Often times they are outdated, old-paradigm options fall short, or they over-promise and under-deliver. I’m here to tell you there’s another way.

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Reclaim Your Power

While there are many traditional modalities that are helpful, they aren’t the only options out there. Exploring your early life experiences to identify people, beliefs and situations that have impacted your life can be done in a number of different ways. Often times discovering the core of these issues enables people to assign blame for the experiences they have had, leaving out several major components of the healing process. Through acceptance and integration, I infuse your Soul with everything that energetically belongs to you, and only you, giving you back the confidence you need to have sole ownership of your life and your destiny.

When we are able to locate the origin of issues that have caused us turmoil, we now have the power to release their control. By addressing these issues head on, we are able to let go of the negative energetic hold they have over us, allowing us to reclaim our power and move forward fearlessly.

If you want a different reality, you must be willing to explore the unknown to create it. If you feel like you’re failing, know that you just haven’t found the solution that’s right for you. If there is something holding you back, know that through my 2-Step Signature Service of the Cloak Removal & True Connect and Soul Heal & Reset, I can help you align your Soul with your true energetic essence.

You are good enough, worthy enough and smart enough to have the quality of life you desire. My mission is to help others get where they want to be, because we are all worthy of living a life full of success and abundance.

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What is the Infused Transitions Journey Like?

It’s Empowering

Through Infused Transitions, you begin to create the life you desire by clearing out and realigning your energy. Eliminating the energetic baggage you’ve been carrying with you through lifetimes leaves you feeling like you are in complete control of your life.

It’s Unifying

By reconnecting with who you truly are, you begin to feel a strong sense of unity with your Soul, others, and the Universe. Many of us have been unaware of the magnitude that unity, balance and harmony can have on our lives. Trauma, abuse, and past life issues have created a wedge between our true identities with ourselves and others. By bridging this gap, we embody energies that are more in alignment with our natural state of being.

It’s Shifting

When we shift our energy towards what is meant for us and away from what is not, we clear out noise and chaos which doesn’t serve us. By combining powerfully infused configurations of healing, we are able to shift our perception and change our reality so that it matches the vibration of our new, positive mindset. These adjustments promote alignment with your true Soul-Self.

It’s Personal

Infused Transitions meets you where you are and tailors your journey to you, your needs, and your desires in order to create the life you want. By clearing out old energies, releasing past experiences and traumas and improving your mindset to focus on your here and now, you are then able to create your future free of old hindrances and dictations so you can create and bring forward the life you’ve always wanted.

My 3 Step Approach Provides a Safe Process to Transform your Life.

I meet you where you are, focus on your individual needs and respect your personal journey every step of the way. Infused Transitions will help you become balanced and aligned with your true Soul-self.

What Others Are Saying About Infused Transitions

“I have been blown away with the changes in my life, my business, my relationships, and my money since working with Maureen.

Previously I had spent years and thousands of dollars, and while shifts occurred, Maureen brought significant and dramatic change in these areas in a short amount of time.”

– Leonie Blackwell, Australia

Your Soul is Calling You

This is your opportunity to become whole, happy, free and aligned. The confident, balanced, powerful, more peaceful you is waiting. Take action, and answer the call.

Talk soon,