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Who I Am

My name is Maureen and I’m here to assist you on your journey. My mission to help others started many years ago when I took action to heal myself. Through life-changing discoveries, my own healing became the catalyst for the foundation to create my own approach and way of healing and creating change for myself, for those who I work with, and the services I offer.

I am here as a clear channel / conduit to translate and relay what comes through for you for release, heal, understand, and bring in.

To access memories and energies to heal past, current life traumas, stories, beliefs, ancestrally inherited aspects, etc., for others. Thus, opening us up to heal our futures, raise our vibrations, and increase the quality of our experiences. 

With my gifts I utilize the ability to identify traumas, blocks, limitations, restrictions, energies, and so forth and remove them using my unique gifts and abilities.

My work may take place in various realities, dimensions, timelines, and more as we clear past-life traumas, stories, and beliefs. Clearing these things from you, all of the yous’ and your ancestral line.   

I work only of, in, by, with, and through Utmost High Of All That Is (God, Source, Spirit, Universe, whatever that is for you) in the purest of Divine Light and Love to catapult you forward, catapult you home to your true authentic self.

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