Cloak Removal & True Connect

My straightforward and effective approach disconnects you from energetic baggage and Soul attachments from past lifetimes that do not serve you, and reconnects you with the true essence of your Soul.

Cloak Removal & True Connect Service (Self-Investment $150.00 USD)

The Cloak Removal & True Connect is the first step towards reclaiming your power and becoming your true, authentic self. Each of us is wrapped in a cloak filled with experiences, energy and perceptions that are not our own. We typically put on this cloak upon our entrance into the world. This cloak works to conceal and hide our true identity from ourselves and from others. When the cloak is on, we are not connected with our true Soul-Self.

We begin the Infused Transitions journey with the Cloak Removal. This is where we remove the first layer of the cloak that is stifling you and we replace it with a connection with your true Soul-Self. Once the cloak is removed, I perform the True Connect. This process reconnects you with your Soul as it was meant to be. This connection enables, prepares and supports you for the deeper work.


“Maureen’s unique approach to healing has been life-changing for me. After the Cloak Removal & True Connect I felt a huge release. Once the connections with my true, authentic self were repaired, I began experiencing life in a whole new way. Doors and opportunities were opening like never before, and for the first time in my life, I finally had a sense of who I’m meant to be in this world.”

Liane B.

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