My straightforward and effective approach disconnects you from energetic baggage and Soul attachments from current & past lives that do not serve you, and reconnects you with the true essence of your Soul.

Step 1:

Cloak Removal & True Connect Service (Self-Investment $100)

The Cloak Removal & True Connect is the first step towards reclaiming your power and becoming your true, authentic self. Each of us is wrapped in a cloak filled with experiences, energy and perceptions that are not our own. We typically put on this cloak upon our entrance into the world. This cloak works to conceal and hide our true identity from ourselves and from others. When the cloak is on, we are not connected with our true Soul-Self.

We begin the Infused Transitions journey with the Cloak Removal. This is where we remove the first layer of the cloak that is stifling you and we replace it with a connection with your true Soul-Self. Once the cloak is removed, I perform the True Connect. This process reconnects you with your Soul as it was meant to be. This connection enables, prepares and supports you for the deeper work.

Step 2:

Soul Heal & Reset Service (Self-Investment $125)

The Soul Heal & Reset is where we remove the next layer of energetic baggage that is no longer in alignment with your true Soul-Self. Any negative or unhealthy connections, belief systems, patterns, behaviors or attachments that have accumulated over many lifetimes are removed during this process. By breaking ancestral patterns of unjustified karma and trauma, I return your unique Soul aspects to you as they were intended at the time of your origination, bringing you into alignment with your true Soul-self.

Additional Organic Services (Self-Investment $100/hr.)

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All New Clients must begin with the Cloak Removal & True Connect (Step 1) followed by the Soul Heal & Reset (Step 2). These steps get you connected with who you truly are and clears off your first massive layer of non-serving stuff ready for release

After these two steps are completed subsequent sessions may be booked and are based off the discovery work and / or your previously set goals and challenges you wish to focus on. Some frequently requested areas of focus of my additional services are highlighted below

Card Readings

Reveal & Reset Reading ($55.00)

Signature Reading

This is a recorded reading.

I look at what is currently going on for you in your chosen life area to reveal what challenge – block, is in play causing interference that is ready for release.

Once this is revealed I do a clearing and reset (off camera) I then pull cards again to see how we have shifted this

Where To Reading ($44.00)

Signature Reading

This is a recorded reading

I look at where you currently are in your chosen life area, where your headed to next, what is challenging you in getting there, what may assist you, and what archetypal energies to utilize to bridge the gap and get you from where you are to your next aligned place to be

You ~ Me ~ The Cards & Healy (Self -Investment – $77.00)

Signature Reading

This is a recorded reading

Healy is a device that reads your Bioenergetic Field & runs the most beneficial for that moment Microcurrent Frequencies for your cells. Give your cells a boost while you receive your reading

Additional Areas Of Focus

For Organic Services or Readings

Personal Growth

There are many different aspects of personal growth. This area emphasizes alignment with your truth in order to expand your horizons. By focusing on the positive and negative aspects of your Soul gifts, we establish a strategic approach to utilize those tools in order to bring about change in expansive ways. This is a wonderful place to start as the foundation of personal growth always begins with a positive mindset and a fearless approach to going after what you really want. During these sessions we evaluate your goals and take steps towards moving you where you want to be. I balance and align you with your truth and expand your growth. As your growth ripples outward it brings change in expansive ways. If the area you have chosen is weighted down, chaotic, and you’re unhappy then your other life areas are being effected as well.


Once a connection is established with your true Soul-Self, we are able to look at your health needs with a different lens. Many people focus on diet and physical exercise when evaluating health, and neglect to incorporate the mind, soul and spirit. These components are crucial to the overall quality of health for every individual. Many of the health challenges people face today are caused by the mental, emotional and spiritual self being out of alignment. By harmonizing the mind, body, soul and spirit, we bring you an opportunity to shift that which challenges you.


Our relationships with others can be significantly impacted by our lack of connection with our true Soul-Self. The most important part of any relationship is to first build a strong, positive, harmonized relationship with yourself. I like to think of the oxygen mask scenario on an airplane when I think of ourselves and our relationships to others. In the event of an emergency, you always want to put your mask on first so that you can help others. If you don’t put your mask on first, you likely won’t be able to help many others. By taking care of yourself and your needs first, you are able to have relationships that are balanced, aligned, and loving with the respect and healthy boundaries you desire. By reconnecting with your Soul’s essence, we are able to look at your more intimate relationships with others and how they can be positively enhanced.


If there is a disconnect with your Soul’s energy, chances are this could be significantly impacting your business. Here we look at your business to see what is energetically holding you back or influencing your business in a non-serving manner. Many clients I work with are entrepreneurs and/or business owners who are not progressing the way they desire in terms of profitability, creativity, or they have simply hit a block or plateau in some manner. When we reconnect and realign your Soul, the doors of success open. Together, we clear out blockages that are ready for release then infuse, ignite and activate your business with new energies. New ideas, opportunities for income or ways of doing business will begin flowing now that you are in alignment with your Soul and your mission. When focusing on the area of business, we emphasize your strengths and capitalize on your natural drive to own a thriving business.


Let me start by saying money is an energy exchange. Many people don’t realize the energetic frequency of money and herein lies many of the financial issues people struggle with. This is a huge area of focus for many people because we require money to meet our basic needs and to live a life of abundance. There are many energetic tethers to money and the various ways it is sourced and exchanged. We also have our own energetic ties with money that stem from our relationship with and connection to our true Soul-Self, as love and money hold vibrations that are very similar in frequency. Most often if we have a misalignment with one, we have a misalignment with the other. This area focuses on belief systems around money, how money is used in your life and your energetic relationship with money. By restructuring your individual concept of money and realigning your energetic relationship with it, we are able to bring in a healthy connection with financial prosperity in your life.


“Maureen’s unique approach to healing has been life-changing for me. After the Cloak Removal & True Connect I felt a huge release. Once the connections with my true, authentic self were repaired, I began experiencing life in a whole new way. Doors and opportunities were opening like never before, and for the first time in my life, I finally had a sense of who I’m meant to be in this world.”

Liane B.

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