Soul Heal & Reset

Soul Heal & Reset Service (Self-Investment $125)

The Soul Heal & Reset is where we remove the next layer of energetic baggage that is no longer in alignment with your true Soul-Self. Any negative or unhealthy connections, belief systems, patterns, behaviors, or attachments that have accumulated over many lifetimes are removed during this process. By breaking ancestral patterns of unjustified karma and trauma, I return your unique Soul aspects to you as they were intended at the time of your origination, bringing you into alignment with your true Soul-self while resetting various Soul aspects to being healthy, balanced, aligned and harmonized.


“Maureen’s unique approach to healing has been life-changing for me. After the Cloak Removal & True Connect I felt a huge release. Once the connections with my true, authentic self were repaired, I began experiencing life in a whole new way. Doors and opportunities were opening like never before, and for the first time in my life, I finally had a sense of who I’m meant to be in this world.”

Liane B.

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